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Richard is the kind of teacher you dream of getting when you're in college. He's not just doing this because it's a job — he's here because it's his passion. I've never seen a speaker that understands linguistics as well as he does...HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


I have been having lessons with Richard for a little over a month, after having attempted to learn Chinese by myself and with apps, and these lessons have been helping me tremendously! 


Richard is creative in thinking of different ways to explain subtle differences that may not be obvious to a native English speaker.


Richard is a fantastic teacher! He explains in a very clear and correct way and then gives you lots of useful examples. He is extremely well prepared, with very good material and a clear, precise class plan. He also makes very interesting cultural and historical remarks!


I have just completed a trial lesson with Richard. This lesson was mostly to gauge what level of Chinese I am at, and to discuss how to progress with lessons. Richard speaks clearly, and is flexible with his teaching methods. It was a useful to have this introductory session. I am looking forward to learning Chinese with him.


Great first lesson! That's exactly what I need to refresh my Chinese skills. Looking forward to the next lesson.